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"...and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us" Jeff Wayne

"Refute Fake Icons is intelligent, inventive, tuneful and confident, and it has bucketloads of style. If you like electro with a kick or a slickness to your rock 'n' roll, I would swiftly point you in 100 Bullets Back's direction" Drowned In Sound

100 Bullets Back are not short of pure pop classics. This new unsigned 2 piece unit from Oxford are coming on in leaps, tunes, beats and bounds thanks to a classic debut single, some infectiously great shows and a stylish debut album.

Gaining momentum, Noel Pearson (vocals, guitars, additional keyboard) and David Clayton (synthesisers, keyboard, backing vocals) released their debut album 'Refute Fake Icons' (Velocity Recordings) on 26th September 05. Having already gained four weeks play on the world's largest radio station KROQ, these 13 tracks of sussed, new age electro sonic pop, form a sound experience to move both your ears and your feet.

100 Bullets Back firmly planted the flag with the release of their limited edition debut 7" ‘The Lost Souls Club’ (05.04.04, Velocity Recordings). The six minutes of 21st century POP quickly raised eyebrows and interest in them from London to Los Angeles. Grab your flak jacket because their attack on the future has begun.

Enjoying the buzz ‘The Lost Souls Club’ / ‘Violence’ created (continually play listed for 2 months by Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ in LA and championed on XFM), 100 Bullets Back continue to pick up interest. A second single ‘I KnOw / Bangkok’ (30.08.04, Velocity Recordings) saw interest in the band spread into Europe with airplay in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Serbia.

The autumn and winter of 2005 sees 100 Bullets Back gigging relentlessly around the country, steadily increasing and educating their fan base to their infectious electro-pop wizardry. Past shows include support slots with The Zutons, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Bloc Party, TV On The Radio, Chikinki and Tom Vek.

This is a sussed, new age electro sonic sound experience. Fantastic pop tinged with 21st century artfully NOW!

"Refute Fake Icons" 26.09.05

"…100 Bullets Back are good good good, they're making some kind of attitude laden new romantic pop that keeps threatening to turn in to Heaven 17 or Visage or a flock of housing estate seagulls (in a cool kind of way)...Synth pop with attitude...Cool as F electro synth pop" Organ magazine