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"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters" Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

BBC Radio Oxford

"..a local band on the cusp of greatness.."

BLAH BLAH magazine

" of the hottest new bands around.."

Drowned in Sound on-line album review of Refute Fake Icons

"..their electro-pop ends up with a kind of stylishly futuristic film noir fatalism which pleases greatly...The sound's a clever one...Refute Fake Icons is intelligent, inventive, tuneful and confident, and it has bucketloads of style. If you like electro with a kick or a slickness to your rock 'n' roll, I would swiftly point you in 100 Bullets Back's direction." Holl(i)y Davies, September 2005

Damn Pest review of Refute Fake Icons

"This is a cool record that updates the synth-pop template with a light touch, high energy and panache, clever without being smartarse, catchy without striving for effect. It's impressive and more importantly, it's fun." Matt Finucane

Screaming Tarts review of Refute Fake Icons

"Their hyperactive synth-heavy electro rock 'n' roll is definitely what the people want...Their disco vibe is really intense and I'd go as far to say that this album is more an experience than just a bunch of songs...All in all, a great album from a new and up 'n coming band." Kat Lynch

The Overflow review of Refute Fake Icons

"Cracking 21st century pop, not to be passed by! Producing a new age electro sonic sound experience, this album will make you feel real good. (CD of the week August 31st)." Kat Lynch

High Voltage review of Refute Fake Icons

"This is promising material, and HV guesses that it is backed up with a rather danceable live show too."

BBC Berkshire live review - The Boxing Club, Reading 04.11.05

"..The two electro-poppers, who sound like The Killers bedding New Order while the Pet Shop Boys sit by and watch, jumped about behind mics and synths as though they were playing Wembley. Immediately catchy, their songs are pogo sticks boinging happily among the grey bowler-hatted world. A superb performance with a fantastic bunch of songs.." Linda Serck

ORGAN on-line album review of Refute Fake Icons

"..100 Bullets Back are good good good, they’re making some kind of attitude laden new romantic pop that keeps threatening to turn in to Heaven 17 or Visage or a flock of housing estate seagulls (in a cool kind of way)...Synth pop with attitude...a decent release at last...Cool as F electro synth pop from Oxford or Reading or some crap town like that." Sean of ORGAN #130 > 25/08/2005

LOSING TODAY REVIEW "I KnOw/Bangkok 7"single"

" good is this second outing from Oxford trio 100 bullets back, we couldn’t contain our over bound joy of it...Both ‘I know’ and the attendant flip side ‘Bangkok (Everybody needs somebody to love)’ are up there as some of the most infectious trappings of electro-pop / post punk / dance crossover we’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year. Not your usual gloom / austere riddled tunes that most operating in this field seem so happily at churning out, this lot instead draw upon that sense of coldness and splice it with an almost get up and go charge that’s immediately loveable and more importantly as catchy as fuck...Be warned, the sound of (in) crowd."

JOYZINE on-line magazine live review

"100 BULLETS BACK's indie/dance once drowning out the voices and pulling intrigued punters stagewards like a punk funk tractor beam. Their set was a little hit and miss, but when they hit, the effect was close to devastating, and will probably saddle the band with comparisons to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Pop of the Tops alumni Bloc Party. Dance beats and distinctly 80s synths are married to elastic basslines and abrasive guitars, while slightly over Americanised vocals louchely drawl over the top. Certainly one to keep an eye on.", 13/4/2004

Logo Magazine review of "The Lost Souls Club/Violence" 7" single

100 Bullets Back "The Lost Souls Club" (Velocity) ***1/2

"Young greenhorns with big ideas, 100 Bullets Back make a surprisingly tempered racket that falls somewhere between the electro-pop wizardry of Pet Shop Boys and the restless post-punk anglings of Franz Ferdinand. Chucking in an impressive array of apposite time-changes, this debut single comes with taut melodies and lovely, drawn vocals that slot nicely into the top pocket of 2004’s buzzing zeitgeist. If a major label can swallow them up and turn around some new material pronto they could have a licence to print their own money." Nat Carsley, 5/4/2004

R*E*P*E*A*T Fanzine review of "The Lost Souls Club/Violence" 7"single

100 Bullets Back "The Lost Souls Club" (Velocity)

"And here's another vote for the underground. While the inkies are all falling over Franz Ferdinand, here's some kidsfrom Oxford doing a similiar thing on a fraction of the budget, but still sounding better. With one ear on the 80s (OMD, New Order, Pet Shop Boys) and the other on making a joyful pop racket for 2004. Yes there's keyboards but they are a slave of the song and not vice versa. There's tunes and suss and whistfulness and all sorts in here; even I wasn't so tired from writing nine months of reviews I'd tell you more about it but I'll leave you to find out for yourself". Richard Rose, 7/4/2004

Nightshift: Oxford's Music Magazine review of "The Lost Souls Club"

"Popping up from a similar musical direction to the likes of Hot Hot Heat, 100 Bullets Back hark back to that golden age - the early 1980s. 'The Lost Souls Club' is XTC-style proto-indie funk-pop, led by a lightweight but nagging guitar chime and softly duelling vocals...'Violence' takes a downturn into moodier territory - synthetic strings and a motorik groove...not bad stuff". Nightshift, April 2004